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  Nathane Drake
1:4 Scale Premium Format Figure
Limited Edition to 1000

Sideshow Collectibles
Item Number
: 300213


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€ 250.00

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The hero of the UNCHARTED saga comes to life in 1:4 scale with the Sideshow Collectibles Nathan Drake Premium Format Figure. The affable rogue is fully realized with his signature 9mm pistol gripped in his fist as he deftly vaults a decaying wall in the midst of a chase. Featuring a highly realistic cloth costume and simulated leather accents, the Nathan Drake Premium Format Figure is sure to be a sought-after treasure in its own right.

The Nathan Drake Premium Format Figure features:
  • Fabric Costume includes: pants, shirt, shemagh
  • Simulated Leather Harness and Holsters
  • 9 MM Pistol

Nathan Drake is an everyman's adventurer. He's an affable rogue with a wry wit, relentless in determination and timeless in style.

Raised in an orphanage before making his way on the streets of Cartagena, he developed the physicality and the necessary agility to overcome any literal or figurative obstacle. He scales walls as well as the most experienced free climber, tearing through the wilderness and across cityscapes like a parkour veteran.

It was in Cartagena, making his way as a thief at the age of 15, that Nate picked the pocket of Victor 'Sully' Sullivan, the man who would become his mentor and father figure. The duo shared many adventures together for more than 20 years, chasing artifacts around the globe, navigating jungle temples and desert tombs, facing opponents even less scrupulous than they.

Nate is a thief, there's no denying that. But he's a thief with honor, a rogue with a heart, and a bit of a nostalgic romantic. And while he might complain about the constant danger and occasional absurdity of his trade, he doesn't shy away from it after all, he puts himself in the same predicaments time and again.


License: Uncharted
Product Type: Premium Format Figure
Product Size: 16.5" H (419.1mm) x 9.0" W (228.6mm) x 10.0" D (254mm)

Product Weight: 13.00 lbs (5.9 kg)

  • Bernardo Esquivel (Paint)
  • Jeff Yagher (Sculpt)
  • Trevor Grove (Sculpt)
  • Whitney Mitchel (Sculpt)
  • Matt Beutler (Sculpt)
  • Dave Cortes (Sculpt)
  • Tim Hanson (Costume Design)
  • Kristafer Anka (Design)
  • Chadwick Anderson (Development)
  • Simon Garcia (Development)
  • The Sideshow Collectibles Design and Development Team

Manufactured by: Sideshow Collectibles



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