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Arch Angel - Michael
Polystone Statue

Limited Edition of 500
Might & Magic
Syco Collectibles


€ 300.00



Syco Collectibles are proud to present this amaging statue of The Arch Angel, Michael from the famous Might & Magic , Video Game by Ubisoft. Michael, one of the most iconic characters of the Might & Magic franchise is now entering the legend through this 27 centimeters highly detailed and handcrafted figure.


Born to an Angel family of healers, Michael's destiny took flight in the opposite direction. The charismatic leader was recognized as a military genius at a very young age and in his first military campaign as commander, he defeated the notorious Azkaal, Infernal Prince of Destruction, saving Ashan from demonic conquest.

When a smoldering conflict between the Angels and the Faceless broke into open war, Michael was appointed to lead the children of Light into battle against the children of Darkness. The cataclysmic decades to follow were known as the Elder Wars. The Arch-Angel Michael’s victories have survived through oral histories and writings to this day.

Mysteriously absent for centuries from the face of Ashan, his recent return has been considered a blessing by the Emperor Liam of the Holy Falcon Empire. No one questions the motivations of his timely return from Ashan's past, for all know that an Angel cannot lie.


License: Might & Magic
Product Type: Polystone Statue
Product Size: 14.5" H x 24'' W (370mm x 610mm)
Product Weight: 6.00 kg
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