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Terminator 2
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Sideshow Exclusive
The Sideshow Exclusive version of the T-800 Mini-Bust includes a unique feature available nowhere else: The T-800 Mini-Bust is an Exclusive Release from Sideshow Collectibles

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€ 99.00



Sideshow Collectibles is proud to debut the first character in the T2 Collectible Mini-Bust line, the T-800! Over the past 20 years, T2 has gained modern classic status, and cemented the Terminator franchise amongst the best of the science-fiction and action/adventure film genres. Sideshow is pleased to launch this series of extremely limited edition 1:6 scale busts, featuring incredible likeness work on Schwarzenegger and the other cast members from T2. Each high quality bust is cast in polystone, then hand-finished and hand-painted. The T-800 bust captures Arnold from the mall battle with the T-1000, includes removable sunglasses, and is limited to only 1,000 pcs worldwide.


2029, the Skynet cyborg army continues to wage war against the human resistance, led by the legendary John Connor. Skynet devises a new plan: send Terminators, who appear as humans, back in time to assassinate resistance leaders. In 1984, the first Terminator, a metal endoskeleton T-800, is sent to kill Sarah Connor and her unborn son. This mission fails, as the Resistance is also able to send a lone human protector to defend her. Ten years later, Skynet sends a newer, more formidable Terminator, the liquid metal T-1000, to eliminate the young John Connor. Once again, the Resistance sends a protector, but this time, they send a captured and reprogrammed T-800 to defend the boy. Winning John's trust, the T-800 is instrumental in the defeat of the T-1000, and learns the human traits of compassion, humor and tragically, self-sacrifice.


License: Terminator
Product Type: Polystone Bust
Product Size: 8.25" H (209.55mm) x 5" W (127mm) x 5" D (127mm)
Box Size: 11.00" H (279.4mm) x 7.50" W (190.5mm) x 6.25" L (158.75mm)
Product Weight: 4.00 lbs (1.81 kg)
Manufactured by: Sideshow Collectibles



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