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Legendary Scale Bust

Limited Edition of 500
Terminator 2

Sideshow Collectibles

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At 2006, to celebrate the 15th Anniversary of this modern classic film, Sideshow Collectibles and Hollywood Collectibles Group have partnered to create the T-800 Legendary Scale Bust. Arnold Schwarzenegger's likeness has been expertly reproduced in approximately 1:2 scale by accomplished sculptor, and talented actor, Jeff Yagher. The T-800 has been captured as he appeared late in the film, with nearly half of his face damaged and the endoskull beneath exposed. His mechanical red eye glows with bright LED light (batteries required). The T-800 is cast in solid, high-quality polystone, and is mounted on a detailed base, a skull and bone littered environment reminiscent of the blasted future cityscapes. The T-800 Legendary Scale Bust will enhance any collection, so don't miss your chance to order!


2029, the Skynet cyborg army continues to wage war against the human resistance, led by the legendary John Connor. Skynet devises a new plan: send Terminators, who appear as humans, back in time to assassinate resistance leaders. In 1984, the first Terminator, a metal endoskeleton T-800, is sent to kill Sarah Connor and her unborn son. This mission fails, as the Resistance is also able to send a lone human protector to defend her. Ten years later, Skynet sends a newer, more formidable Terminator, the liquid metal T-1000, to eliminate the young John Connor. Once again, the Resistance sends a protector, but this time, they send a captured and reprogrammed T-800 to defend the boy. Winning John's trust, the T-800 is instrumental in the defeat of the T-1000, and learns the human traits of compassion, humor and tragically, self-sacrifice.

  • License: Terminator
  • Product Type: Legendary Scale Bust
  • Product Size: 11" H (279.4mm) x 8" W (203.2mm) x 6" D (152.4mm)
  • Product Weight: 12.00 lbs (5.44 kg)
  • Box Size: 13.00" H (330.2mm) x 9.00" W (228.6mm) x 7.00" L (177.8mm)
  • Est. Shipping Weight: 12.00 lbs (5.44 kg)
  • Dimensional Weight (DIM): 16 lbs
  • Int'l Dimensional Weight (DIM): 16 lbs
  • Artists:
    • Jeff Yagher
    • Hollywood Collectibles Group
  • Manufactured by: Sideshow Collectibles


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