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T-800 Endoskull - Theme Song Edition
Life-Size Replica
Limited Edition
Terminator 2: Judgment Day
Cinemaquette Presents


The Terminator. One of the most iconic characters ever envisioned, brought to life on the big screen through the artistry and imagination of James Cameron and Stan Winston. Concealed inside each seemingly organic Terminator is a metal endoskeleton, a weapon with cunning and inhuman strength. T2 gave audiences an unforgettable view of John Connor's stand against the SKYNET army. Marching through the rubble of deserted streets, in a blasted, barely habitable cityscape, an Endoskeleton crushes a human skull beneath one foot. The Endoskeleton is capable of flawless termination, a chromed visage of death.

The 1:1 Scale T-800 Endoskull Prop Replica features electronic light-up eyes and plays the licensed theme song from the Terminator 2 Movie. Other details include chrome finish and acrylic teeth. Extra additional features not previously released on the prior edition are 2 blue LED lights that glow from the neck upward towards the head adding an ominous glow to the skull. With the upgraded speakers and official theme song, this collectible piece will be sought after by every Terminator fan.