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Terminator 2: Judgment Day

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: HD-1013


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ENTERBAY is proud to present the T-800 (Battle Damaged Edition) HD Masterpiece quarter scale figurine from the movie Terminator 2: Judgment Day.  The T-800 collectible is created based on the battle damaged Arnold Schwarzenegger as T-800 in the movie, featuring with the newly developed head sculpts with lit-up LED eyeball, advanced HD masterpiece muscular body, movie accurate battle damaged costume, as well as other detailed weapons and accessories.
Terminator 2: Judgment Day, also known T2, is a 1991 science fiction action movie. This is a sequel to 1984’s The Terminator. Terminator 2 was a significant box office and critical success. It had an impact on popular culture, and is considered hugely influential in many different aspects. This is also one of the best movies of Arnold Schwarzenegger, we hope that we have created a great 1:4 scale collectible of Arnold’s T-800 for all the Terminator fans and figurine collectors around the world.
A year ago ENTERBAY has created the first 1/4 scale HD Masterpiece movable action figurine.  It was the first version of the Terminator 2 movie, a normal edition of the T-800.  It was a huge success for ENTERBAY and we hope to create another popular choice for the figurine collectors and the Terminator fans.


The 1/4th Scale T-800 (Battle Damaged Edition) HD Masterpiece figure includes:

  • An incredible authentic and highly detailed likeness head sculpture of Arnold Schwarzenegger as battle damaged T-800 in the movie Terminator 2: Judgment Day.
  • Head sculpture has LED light in right eyeball (red light and battery operated
  • A HD-4 battle damaged ABS action body with more than 30 points of articulation (Chest and left knee are the battle damaged area).
  • HD-4 action body comes with the interchangeable battle damaged left forearm (metal made), an additional normal version forearm will also be included.
  • Eight (8) pieces of interchangeable gloved battle damaged hands
  • Classic battle damaged costumes from the Terminator 2: Judgment Day movie.  Several complicated procedures were done in order to create the vintage battle damaged look.
  • Mighty weapons include:
    • M79 grenade launcher
    • Handheld M134 Mini Gun with bandoliers
    • 10 pieces of the M79 grenades
    • One (1) piece of the non-used M134 metal made bullet
    • six (6) pieces of the metal made M134 bullet shells and
    • a set of M134 bandoliers (plastic made)
  • The M79 grenade launcher is partially made of wood and some parts were made of metals.  The M134 Mini Gun is made of both plastic and metal, there are barring inside the rotatable metal made barrel.
  • Other accessories include:
    • A large black carrier bag (able to carry the M134 Mini Gun)
    • a grey T-shirt (non-battle damaged) and
    • a grenade holster for the M79 grenades
  • An exclusive Terminator 2: Judgment Day figurine stand

Body and Head sculpted by : SCUDERIA
Head Art Directed by : YJ
Paint Art Directed by : YJ

Produced and Manufactured by ENTERBAY

© 2012 Terminator 2: Judgment Day, T2, THE TERMINATOR, ENDOSKELETON, and any depiction of Endoskeleton are trademarks of StudioCanal SA ™ & © 2012StudioCanal SA ® All Rights Reserved.®© ENTERBAY International Limited. All Rights Reserved.


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