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Endoskeleton [Battle Damaged]
7-Inch Action Figure
Terminator 2
Released: August 2009




No war between man and machine is complete without the eerie red gaze of the Endoskeleton.

  • Features SKYNET's most advanced control system
  • Fully armored in a hyper-alloy sheath around vital areas
  • Frictionless bearings in its joints allow the unit to maneuver through its range of motions faster than previous models
  • In the event of critical damage, a secondary power source allows the unit a margin of time to complete its mission
  • When set to autonomus mode, it can "learn" like a human being, actually becoming more efficient as time goes on

From the classic James Cameron motion picture comes the second series of 7-inch scale action figures featuring the T-800 Terminator as seen in T2. This assortment includes the Battle Damaged Endoskeleton. It stands 7-inches and comes with Plasma Cannon.


He said he'd be back. When an nearly unstoppable killing machine, the T-1000, is sent back in time to kill the leader of a future resistance, John Connor, it is up to a reprogrammed Terminator to save mankind's future hope. One of the biggest blockbusters ever, Terminator 2 spawned another sequel, video games, comic books and more.