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Limited Edition
Man of Steel
Muckle Mannequins
Item Number: MM0SU-MOS


From the DC blockbuster movie ´Man of Steel´ comes this stunning life-size statue of Superman. It´s made of high quality fiberglass and stands 198 cm tall including the base. The limited 1:1 scale statue from the life-size experts at Muckle Mannequins features staggering details and leaves any Superman fanatic perfectly happy. Due to it´s weight and size, the item will ship in three boxes. Minor assembly is required.


This figure was built for Warner Bros. for the promotion of the movie release in 2013. Muckle Mannequins has also bought the license to build and sell this figure.

Man of Steel ™ & © Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. (s11). All rights reserved.

Sculptor: Studio Oxmox
Size figure: approx. 190 cm
Size base: approx. 24 cm
Material: fibreglass
Parts: torso, lower body, head, hands, base, cape (real cloth)
Packaging: 3 boxes per figure
Edition: limited

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