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Commander Bly

Mini Bust
Limited Edition of 1500
Star Wars

Gentle Giant





This exclusive Star Wars Clone Wars Mini Bust from Gentle Giant features Commander Bly as seen in the hit Cartoon Network show Star Wars The Clone Wars!

Designed in 1:6 scale


Bred on Kamino, CC-5052 was among the first generation of clone marshal commanders to be trained by the Advanced Recon Commando Alpha-17, who gave him the designation "Bly."A clone of Jango Fett, Bly was trained as an Advanced Recon Commando himself, giving him a more independent mindset and allowing him to think "outside the manual" when it came to the shifting of tactical situations.As a clone commander, it was Bly's job to act as an intermediary between the Jedi Generals and the regular clone troopers, although he was bred to be loyal to the Republic above all others. Bly was assigned to the 327th Star Corps, which fell under the 2nd Sector Army.When the Republic amassed a number of droids that needed their memory cores unlocked and wiped, Bly helped to recruit a Jedi Knight for the task, as the secrets in the droids could be crucial to the war effort.


To assure 100% realism, Gentle Giant Studios three-dimensionally scanned the actors, costumes, and props as well as original uniforms and models from the LucasFilm Archives. This information was then processed, digitally output, and combined with traditional sculpting artistry to create the final sculpture, making these statues the closest one can come to owning a piece of the Star Wars universe.