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Darth Vader - RAH
1:6 Scale Figure
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Medicom Toy is proud to present the original Darth Vader RAH (Real Action Hero) figure.

The central figure of the Star Wars Saga, Darth Vader has been joined the collector favorite Real Action Heroes line: This is must for owners of the previous Star Wars 1:6 Scale figures, to own Real Action Heroes: Darth Vader Classic Episode VI: Return Of The Jedi figure! This exquisitely-detailed figure stands about 320mm (that's over 12 inches) in height, and features a real cloth outfit and a removable three-piece helmet, allowing you to witness Anakin Skywalker's visage up close! Comes with a figure stand, and enough presence to become the centerpiece of your Star Wars toy collection! Lightsaber can be displayed in on- or off modes. Includes Five different glove variations to help create Darth Vader's various poses from the movie. Boots molded in soft vinyl material. Complete with imitation leather quilted body suit and fabric cape with realistic metal chain.



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