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Mos Eisley - Chalmun's Cantina
12-Inch Figure Enviroment
Limited Edition
Star Wars
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From the infamous watering hole of the Tatooine desert comes the Mos Eisley - Chalmun's Cantina Environment. Each piece is individually painted and finished to exacting standards, each with its own unique quality and detail that is the trademark of a handcrafted Sideshow Collectibles product. The Mos Eisley Cantina - Chalmun's Cantina Environment is an outstanding addition to any collection, an iconic scene perfect for any display.

The Mos Eisley - Chalmun's Cantina 12 inch Figure Environment features:
  • Highly detailed and sculpted with interior and exterior environment display options
  • Interior Cantina Lights
  • Removable double-sided window graphic

A welcome oasis in the middle of the blazing desert of Tatooine, the Mos Eisley Cantina hosts a bizarre and sometimes dangerous array of alien patrons, from Ithorians to Rodians, seeking shade, business and refreshment. A few steps into the dimly lit main room, one finds a scattering of booths and tables. An alien band plays a lively tune in the corner, and a gruff bartender slings exotic concoctions from behind a rounded bar.

Now owned by a Wookiee proprietor named Chalmun, deals of all kinds are made in this infamous meeting place, including the one struck between Luke Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi hiring Han Solo and Chewbacca for transport. Chalmun's personal distaste for droids lead him to install a droid detecter in the foyer to alert patrons of any mechanicals entering the bar.



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