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Boil and Waxer with Numa Set
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With the Clone Wars well underway, Jedi General Obi-Wan Kenobi receives orders to lead his troops aboard Republic gunships to the planet Ryloth and take the city of Nabat as a landing zone for its transport ships. The Twi'lek citizens of Nabat have been taken hostage by Separatist battle droids and are being used as human shields for the droids' anti-aircraft cannons in the city's central courtyard. Landing in the jungles outside Nabat, the Jedi General leads his troops forward.

To gain intelligence on the droid operations in Nabat, clone Commander Cody leads a small team of three other clones, splitting into two groups with clones Boil and Waxer heading south. Following a strange sound into an alleyway, Boil and Waxer find a young Twi'lek girl named Numa and learn that she was orphaned by the Separatist invasion. She was only spared from the onslaught as she was playing in the storm tunnels beneath Nabat when the droids captured the rest of her people. Weaving through the wreckage in the streets, Numa leads Boil and Waxer to what remains of her home, finding only rubble and her old tooka doll. Suddenly, they trio comes under attack from the gutkurrs creatures that roam the planet and must escape through the underground tunnels that run beneath the city.

When Boil and Waxer resurface with Numa to join the General and the rest of the toops, Kenobi learns that Numa can lead them all through tunnels to free the Twi'lek prisioners in the square and defeat the Separatist droids. Kenobi sends Cody and some of his troopers ahead to act as an overland diversion while Kenobi, Boil and Waxer take the catacombs. Obi-Wan surfaces in the courtyard and sees the assembled droid forces and the cannon emplacements. Waxer and Boil stealthily follow while Cody's troops erupt in an attack. The droids return fire to Cody's forces while Kenobi concentrates on freeing the prisoners. As the Twi'leks run into the underground tunnels, Numa is reunited with Nilim Bril, her uncle, while Cody and the troops defeat the Separatist droids and take back Nabat for the Republic transport ships.

The Boil and Waxer with Numa Set 12 inch Figure features:
  • 2 x Fully articulated male body (armored body) with 30+ points of articulation
  • Boil portrait
  • Waxer portrait
  • 2 x Fabric bodysuit with additional fabric collar
  • 2 x Detailed armor
  • 2 x Episode 2 style helmet
  • 2 x Episode 3 style helmet
  • Generous assortment of switch-out hands
  • 4 x sets switch-out boots (2 x action, 2 x standing)
  • 2 x Blaster Rifle
  • 2 x Blaster Carbine
  • 2 x Blaster pistol
  • Clone binoculars
  • Newly developed 5.5 inch figure body (Numa)
  • Numa portrait
  • Fabric dress
  • Pegged disc base for Numa
  • 2 x 12-inch Figure Display Base with Star Wars Logo


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