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Real Steel
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We are proud to present, from ThreeA Toys, the Midas REAL STEEL Sixth Scale figure. Crafted with exceptional attention to detail, it features fiber optic light-up eyes and extensive articulation. Designed by renowned artist, Ashley Wood, the Midas - REAL STEEL Sixth Scale figure measures approximately 16.5 inches tall and makes an impressive addition to any collection.


Midas, "The Gold-Blooded Killer", is the king of Crash Palace and in fact the whole underworld (the illegal robot boxing circuit) is an undefeated bot. When fighting him, you should depend on fast attacks since he is quick to change the tide of the battle. When he is already beating up your bot, you must think of a way to get back on him before he gets to rip off your bot's arm. If he does, there's no getting back on him now. Because he will start getting ready to rip your head off with his special move, The DeCappucino.

Midas is a golden-colored robot with red gloves, "boots" and a red mohawk. He is inspired by King Midas, who supposedly had the ability to turn everything he touched to gold. He is modelled to look like a Spartan Warrior.

Midas fights like a gangster. He has fast, strong blows that can easily finish off his opponent. He doesn't like to knock out other bots, he likes to get a reward for his fighting. He likes to take off arms, and he finishes with a head blow, the Tomahawk Blow.

He is the tallest 'bot in the illigal circuit. He's even taller than Zeus himself, making him the tallest bot in the whole film! (Zeus is 8'6, compared with Midas who is 8'9 !)

He's the only bot in the movie, aside from Zeus, to not lose a fight.



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