> Pirates Of The Caribbean

> Enterbay x Medicom Ultimate Unison
Jack Sparrow
1:6 Scale Ultimate Unison Figure

Limited Edition
On Stranger Tides
ENTERBAY x Medicom Toy

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€ 380.00

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We are pleased to announce the latest in Pirates of the Caribbean collectibles from MEDICOM TOY and ENTERBAY, the Ultimate Unison 1:6 Scale figure series! The 'UU' series combines the very best from Medicom's highly regarded RAH figure body with Enterbay's incredibly detailed sculpture quality. He comes with a talking system implanted and 13 types of original dialogues by Jack Sparrow from the latest POTC movie "On Stranger Tides"! Equipped with 2 guns on his waist belt and the saber can be drawn! Also "Chalice" and "ship-in bottle" is enclosed with a compass. Fully poseable with a newly made RAH 301 Revised Talking body is used and 13 types of dialogues from the movies can be played! Extra hand parts are enclosed to remake your favorite scenes!

Head sculpt: ENTERBAY
Parts sculpt: PERFECT-STUDIO
Clothing: Mieko Akimoto



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