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  Jack Sparrow
1:4 Scale Premium Format Figure
Limited Edition of 1000
Pirates of the caribbean: On Stranger Tides

Sideshow Collectibles
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: 300123


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€ 400.00

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Sideshow Collectibles is proud to present the Captain Jack Sparrow Premium Format figure. The eccentric and charismatic buccaneer from Pirates of the Caribbean comes to life in stunning 1:4 scale. With unparalleled attention to detail, each Captain Jack Sparrow Premium Format figure is hand painted and individually finished, featuring a film accurate fabric costume and veritable treasure trove of accessories.

The Captain Jack Sparrow Premium Format Figure features:
  • Flintlock Pistol
  • Sword and Scabbard
  • Shrunken Head
  • Compass
  • Bird's Foot
  • Bone and beaded talisman
  • Animal Pelt
  • Sash
  • Decorative Baldric

In the newest chapter of Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean, we follow Captain Jack Sparrow on an unlikely and unpredictable journey to find the Fountain of Youth. When he crosses paths with Angelica, a ravishing pirate from his past, he's forced aboard the Queen Anne's Revenge, a ship helmed by none other than the infamous pirate Blackbeard. During the journey, Jack pulls every trick in his bag to deal with Blackbeard and his crew of undead, Angelica, with whom he shares a suspicious past, and the lovely mermaids whose hypnotic cunning can bait even the most veteran sailor to a watery grave.


License: Disney
Product Type: Premium Format Figure
Product Size: 20" H (508mm) x 8" W (203.2mm) x 12" L (304.8mm)


  • Heath Hammond (Paint)
  • Matt Aylward (Sculpt)
  • Karen Dusenbury (Costume)
  • Kevin Ellis (Costume)
  • Tim Hanson (Costume)
  • Faz Feroze (Design)
  • Haiwei Hou (Design) David Igo (Design)
  • Adam Smith (Development)
  • Michael Woodring (Development)
  • The Sideshow Collectibles Design and Development Team

Manufactured by: Sideshow Collectibles



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