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Iron Man - Mark II
Fine Art Statue

Limited Edition of 3000
Iron Man





A KOTOBUKIYA Japanese import!

Following up on the instant sell-out of the first Iron Man Fine Art Statue comes the IRON MAN MOVIE MARK II FINE ART STATUE. The Iron Man phenomena has continued to grow since the blockbuster hit theaters with the recent DVD release, thanks to Robert Downey Jr.s portrayal of the Marvel Comics superhero and the incredible special effects.

The Mark II armor was the first high-tech armor suit created by billionaire industrialist Tony Stark upon his return to the states. The version of this suit seen in the film was designed by comic artist Adi Granov and created by Stan Winston Studios; the Fine Art Statue is an amazing reproduction of that design, including the multiple rivets and screws.

Sculpted by Kouei Matsumoto, the Iron Man stands nearly 13 inches tall (1:6th scale), and features metallic silver paint over cold cast porcelain construction. The Mark II features multiple LED lights: eyes, Repulsor Ray palms, and the Unibeam on his chest each which glows with a cool blue hue. Iron Man stands confidently atop an ornamented base in the shape of his chest symbol, and sculpted with the Iron Man film logo. Each statue is individually numbered on the bottom of the base as part of a Limited Edition of 3000 pieces. An amazing statue on its own, the Mark II is also a perfect companion piece to the original red-and-gold Iron Man Mark III armor!

  • Height (inches): 13 7/9
  • Material: COLD CAST
  • Package: CLOSED BOX
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