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Ghostbusters Movie Masters
6-Inch Action Figure Set

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We know you ain’t afraid of no ghost, so put on your proton pack and get ready for Ghostbusters™ figures! Created just for collectors, the line features realistically detailed characters from the two classic films.

Get all 6-inch Movie Masters figures, complete with authentic in-scale Ghostbusters™ equipment and spooky sidekicks!

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Ray Stantz
6-Inch Figure

Hey! It's Ray! He's finally here, and he's ready to get rid of ghastly ghosts.
Based on the classic films, this 6-inch fully-articulated Ray Stantz™ eradicates ectoplasm with his authentic Ghostbusters™ proton pack. He also includes a special pack-in figure of the Ghostbusters™ logo on a stand, with a glow-in-the-dark ghost that can be removed from the classic red slash.

Winston Zeddemore (with Trap)
6-Inch Figure

Pop quiz: What do you say when someone asks you if you're a god? According to Winston Zeddemore™, you say "Yes!"
Now you can say yes to this 6-nch Winston figure! Based on the classic Ghostbusters™ films, the fully-articulated and highly detailed figure includes authentic proton pack and bonus ghost trap that closes. Trap can also be used with the Containment Unit, available with 6" Walter Peck™ figure!

Egon Spengler (with PKE Meter)
6-Inch Figure

When not terrified beyond the capacity for rational thought, Egon Spengler™ is the scientific force behind the Ghostbusters™ team. And since it was Egon who developed the technology for the PKE Meter™, it’s only fitting that this heroic brainiac is the first 6-inch Ghostbusters™ figure to come with a film-accurate PKE Meter™ accessory! Our fully articulated figure also includes a stack of books and the quote on his package back is a nod to the library scene in the first film. If you’re a completist, this version is collection-essential as it’s the first Egon Spengler™ figure to appear unslimed!

Peter Venkman (with Proton Stream)
6-Inch Figure

Good thing this is the first and only Ghostbusters™ figure to come with a proton stream — you know what could happen if two streams were crossed! Fully articulated and unslimed, this highly sought-after 6-inch Peter Venkman™ figure holds steady against any ghoul when perched on the first-ever official Ghostbusters™ logo stand included.

Walter Peck
6-Inch Figure

Whether you consider him a villain or simply misunderstood, the original Ghostbusters™ film wouldn’t be the same without one Walter Peck™, EPA administrator. At long last, this perpetual thorn in our heroes’ side is immortalized in a fully-articulated, highly-detailed 6-inch tall Movie Masters™ figure that comes complete with a Containment Unit!