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  Greyjoy House Shield

Limited Edition
Game of Thrones

Dark Horse Deluxe

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: 22178


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€ 15.00



The shield of the seafaring Greyjoy house is the second in the line of Game of Thrones custom pins, replicating the unique shields as seen in the HBO series. It’s a wearable replica of the battle-tested shield of the House of Greyjoy, the exotic squid emblem underscoring mariner’s life, and illustrates their motto: “We Do Not Sow.”
Produced from the actual prop seen in the series, this high-quality piece measures approximately 2.5” high and 1.6” across and is zinc alloy with an antique finish.
This pin replica is secured in a custom-cut dark foam 4.5” x 2.75” tray that is inside a die-cut cardboard sleeve. All is protected by clear plastic outer covering.


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