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Real Friend E.T.*
15-Inch Interactive Figure
E.t. The Extra Terrestrial
Dexter Liu & Associates
Released: 2002


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BONUS: E.T. Collectible figure by NECA / ΔΩΡΟ: Συλλεκτική φιγούρα της NECA


Everyone knows the story of E.T. and in 2012 the film will be 30 years old! So why not reminisce with this cool figure!

Bring the magic and excitement of "E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial" into your world. As your friendship with E.T. grows, relive all of his earthly encounters or look to the stars and create your own unforgettable interactive adventures. With E.T., the possibilities are endless...


The Interactive Real Friend E.T. has the following special features:

  • Actual size 15 inches tall
  • Expressive head motions
  • Head movement left and right
  • Eye and lips animation while he talks
  • Extends neck like the real E.T.
  • Moves his arm and the finger glows while he talks
  • Heart glows
  • He responds to touches and sounds
  • Comes with a quality robe


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