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A KOTOBUKIYA Japanese import!

 The Marvel Knights in movie form as The KOTOBUKIYA collection expands to include one of the most popular characters from Marvel Studios: DAREDEVIL.

Exquisitely painted to precisely reflect the appearance of the crimson leather outfit, the movie version of Daredevil stands in a dynamic martial arts pose, clutching his trademark billy club converted to nunchuck form. A perfect facial resemblance to a-lister Ben Affleck is apparent in this 9-inch tall Fine Art Bust, which also includes the Daredevil movie logo and light-up marquee. Making this stunning piece even more artistic is the inclusion of the silver angel and demon sculptures on the sides of the base, as seen in the film on the walls of Matt Murdock.

As with all items in The KOTOBUKIYA Collection, the details and paint applications are impeccable, and each item is individually numbered as part of a Limited Edition.

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