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Batman (1989)

Limited Edition of 500
Hollywood Collectibles Group

Item Number
: HCGBR872


We are pleased to present the limited edition, officially licensed the Batman Cowl replica from the original Batman (1989) movie. This lifesize Cowl is a faithful reproduction of the one worn by Michael Keaton as Batman and comes complete with a Batman themed display stand. Measures 20-inch tall. Masterfully sculpted by Emmy award winner Hiroshi Katagiri

Manufactured by Hollywood Collectors Gallery distributed in the US by Hollywood Collectibles Group.

Limited to only 500 pieces worldwide.

For display purposes only, cannot be worn.


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Λιανική Τιμή:

€ 650.00 Released:

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€ 130.00 July 2014
Ιούλιο 2014

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5x €130.00 (Shipping costs not included)
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