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Life-Size Statue
Limited Edition
Batman Begins

Muckle Mannequins

From ´Batman Begins´ comes this stunning life-size statue of the winged superhero. It´s made of high quality fiberglass and stands impressive 234 cm tall.

The limited 1/1 scale statue from the life-size experts at
Muckle Mannequins features staggering details and leaves any Batman fanatic perfectly happy.

Due to it´s weight and size, the item will ship in four boxes. Minor assembly is required.

Figure height and base:
    Height from left foot up to point of ear: 134.5 cm
    Total height of figure: 180.5 cm
    Total height of figure including base: 234.5 cm
Material: fibreglass
Parts: torso, thigh, shoulder, base A, base B
Cape: fabric
Packaging: 4 boxes per figure
Edition: Limited



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