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This is the fantastic 18-inch action figure of Hellraiser Pinhead with articulation and motion activated sound.
The 18 inch high Hellraiser Pinhead figure by Neca is fully posable and speaks phrases based on the character in the Hellraiser movie.
Fitted with motion activated voice chip technology, Pinhead says 5 memorable lines from the movie including the following:

-Though shall not bow down before any greater image.
-I am the way.
-This is my body, this is my blood, happy are they who come to my supper.
-You solved the box, we came, now you must come with us, taste our treasures.
-Explorers in the further regions of experience, demons to some, angels to others.

Pinhead comes complete with a detachable puzzle box and knife with three cutting implements, soft pins in his head and supplied in an attractive window gift box.
The highly detailed figure has a soft rubber like robe and has articulation points in the shoulders, arms, neck, and wrists.

This excellent Hellraiser 18-inch Pinhead With Sound figure would make a great addition to any fan's collection.



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