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Tytus Figure

Heroic Giant Warlord

Sold only in Europe in the 1980s, fallen champion Tytus was available worldwide for the first time at! As befits the Heroic Giant Warlord, this stunning figure is the largest Masters of the Universe Classics figure to date. Standing over 12 inches tall and featuring full articulation with fantastic sculpting detail by the Four Horsemen, he comes with a club that can actually pick up other MOTUC figures! Tytus makes a big impression with these accessories:

  • Removable armor
  • Warrior Smasher

Tytus Bio

Real Name: Tytus

Tytus the giant fought for peace alongside King Grayskull and He-Ro in the Great Wars. Originally from the mountains of Perpetua, he was forced to leave his home after his herd of dinosaurs began developing strange techno parts. He traveled across Eterniar to seek help from Grayskulls village. There he joined the King in battle against the Snake Men and Horde. Tytus helped construct one of the Three Towers during a temporary truce with his enemies. After He-Ros death, he used his great strength to build King Grayskull a mighty fortress, incorporating the symbol of the Cosmic Warriors into the entrance as a tribute to his fallen comrade.



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