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1:4 Scale Statue
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Masters of the Universe
Pop Culture Shock Collectibles
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Pop Culture Shock Collectibles is proud to announce BEASTMAN as the follow-up to the Masters of the Universe ‘HE-MAN’ scale statue. Based specifically on the classic 80’s Filmation ‘Masters of the Universe’ cartoon, every effort has been made to create the most accurate collectible of Beastman as he appeared in the beloved series. The artists studied hours of animation, including actual product cells and style guide artwork to bring you this long awaited collectible.


Introduced in the episode, ‘Diamond Ray of Disappearance’, Beastman is Skeletor’s right hand man and has the ability to control animals. While Beastman usually obeys his master, he clearly resents being bossed around and secretly desires to someday overthrow Skeletor.


Licensor: TM & © Mattel, Inc. Under license to Classic Media. All rights reserved
Product Type: Polystone Statue
Product Size: 16” H (38.1cm) x 10” W (25.4cm) x 10.5” L (26.67cm) Estimate
Product Weight: 17lbs (7.71kg) Estimate
Sculpted By: Alejandro Pereira
Painted By: Ryan Pintar
Art Director: Jerry Macaluso


Retail Price:
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€ 330.00 Released:

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€ 66.00 July 2014
Ιούλιο 2014

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6x 55.00 (Shipping costs not included)
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