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Snakes Eyes vs. Red Ninjas
Polystone Diorama

Limited Edition of 650
G.I. Joe
Sideshow Collectibles




Sideshow Collectibles is proud to launch the G.I. Joe Diorama series with Snake Eyes VS Red Ninjas. This detailed sculpture captures the ongoing battle between the silent Joe and the Red Ninja clan. Each piece is individually painted and hand finished, each with its own unique quality and detail that is the trademark of a handcrafted Sideshow Collectibles product. The lower sand base is removable to allow a more compact customizable display. The stunning Snake Eyes VS Red Ninjas Diorama is an outstanding addition to any display, a perfect centerpiece to any G.I. Joe collection.


One of the greatest assets to the G.I. Joe team, Snake Eyes' record of honor and valor cause even the most evil enemies to tremble with fear. He trained in ninjitsu under the tutelage of the Hard Master, leader of the Arashikage Clan, who transformed Snake Eyes from a dutiful soldier into a fierce and cunning warrior. The Arashikage Clan had a powerful reputation in Japan and throughout the globe, but after the death of the Hard Master, the clan dissolved in confusion. Many factions arose in opposition, some growing suspicious of the mysterious outsider known as Snake Eyes.

The Red Ninja Clan blamed the Hard Master's death on Snake Eyes, and they became frequent and formidable opponents for the G.I. Joe team. None of them were prepared for the superior training and natural skill of Snake Eyes. His every victory compels the Red Ninjas to try even harder to defeat him in hand-to-hand and melee combat, but they have yet to succeed, each encounter escalating into a fierce clash of swords and fists. Snake Eyes meets each challenge with the same honor and valor that have made him such a valuable asset to the G.I. Joe team.


License: G.I. Joe
Product Type:
Polystone Diorama
Product Size: 12" H (304.8mm) x 15.5" W (393.7mm) x 18" D (457.2mm)
Product Weight: 15.00 lbs (6.8 kg)

Box Size: 14.00" H (355.6mm) x 19.00" W (482.6mm) x 20.00" L (508mm)

Est. Shipping Weight: 15.00 lbs (6.8 kg)


  • Idol Workshop
  • Mireya Bowen-Romo
  • Seth Rinaldi
  • Anthony Mestas
  • Bernardo Esquivel
  • The Sideshow Collectibles Design and Development Team

Manufactured by: Sideshow Collectibles