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12-Inch Figure

Limited Edition of 1500
G.I. Joe
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Warrant Officer

Code Name: Flint

Upon becoming a Rhodes Scholar, Dashiell Faireborn found that his work in English Literature and the world of academia in general ceased to offer him the challenges he desired. He enlisted in the Army, applying the same degree of effort and resoluteness that had garnered him scholastic accolades. He graduated with honors from Ranger, Airborne, Special Forces and Flight Warrant Officers schools. Becoming a skilled field leader, he exceeded the expectations of his superiors. When his close friend Conrad "DUKE" Hauser was promoted to a leadership position within the G.I. JOE Team, DUKE requested him to join. Dashiell accepted and took the code name FLINT. Brandishing a confidence that earned him a reputation for arrogance, FLINT backs up his bravado through precise execution and his abilities as a paramount strategist.

FLINT's tactical planning against the threat of COBRA has carried G.I. JOE into many victories against the snakes. FLINT's peers rely on his phenomenal, over-the-top strategies as well as his ferocious demeanor in the field. His leadership abilities well tested, he has led many missions around the globe against various COBRA agents who are all too familiar with FLINT. When the plan is laid in action and the battle cry is heard, FLINT is on the front line pursuing COBRA with an unmatched perseverance...YO JOE!

The Flint 12 inch Figure features:
  • Fully articulated Pro male body Version 1.2 with 30+ points of articulation
  • Flint portrait
  • Beret
  • Detailed shirt with unique patches
  • Pants
  • Boots
  • Detailed belt with drop-down holster and American Eagle buckle
  • Dog Tags
  • Wristwatch
  • Jump Wings
  • Canteen x 2
  • .45 1911 Pistol
  • .45 1911 Pistol magazine x 3
  • Red smoke bomb
  • Yellow smoke bomb
  • Fragmentation grenade x 3
  • Shotgun shell x 24
  • Shotgun bandoliers
  • Laser Rifle
  • Shotgun
  • Single point shotgun sling
  • Holographic sight
  • 3 sets of interchangeable hands
  • 12-inch display base with G.I. Joe logo